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7-11 Update

In February of 2013 the 7-11 store at Lombard and Oswego was finally awarded a license to sell beer and wine. In December and again in January their application to OLCC  for said license was blocked due to opposition from Occupy with support from the  St Johns Neighborhood Association.  These efforts have helped push the OLCC to explore defining a policy on saturation and on better integration of community input. There are also legislative efforts to put some teeth in “Good Neighbor” agreements. These are baby steps but they may yet provide some new tools for community empowerment.

Our current focus is to  empower communities to limit the onslaught of formula businesses and corporate chain stores. We seek to foster an environment where Fair Trade and Free Enterprise can survive the juggernaut of Free Trade and Corporate Capitalism .

Meanwhile we continue to picket, reminding folks that there are locally owned alternatives for their convenience shopping.  You can often find us there around 1:00 on Saturday afternoons.  Please join us- or at least give us a honk and a wave…


Occupy St Johns on TV! “When 7-11 Comes To Your Neighborhood”

Your Populist Dialogues show is now up on YouTube

Please share the link and let’s try to get lots of views.  Don’t forget to Like the program on Facebook.
It will broadcast for the first time on this coming Sunday at 12:30 on Channel 11.  Here is the broadcast schedule for Oregon stations showing it:
Portland Metro (Portland Community Media)
Sunday – 12:30 PM on channel 11;
Thursday 8 PM on channel 22;
Friday 7:30 PM on channel 23

Washington County (Tualatin Valley Cable Television)

(including Banks, Beaverton, Cornelius, Durham, Forest Grove, Gaston, Hillsboro, King City, Lake Oswego, North Plains, Rivergrove, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn and unincorporated Washington County.)
Sun        04:00 PM    Channel 23
Tue        04:30 AM    Channel 23
Thu        08:30 AM    Channel 23
Fri          07:00 PM    Channel 23
Sat         08:00 AM    Channel 23
Salem OR. (Capital Community Television)
Friday – 9 PM on channel 21
Sunday – 3:30 PM on channel 21
Tuesday – 5 PM on channel 21

And in addition to these Oregon station broadcasts, it will also broadcast in Urbana IL, Shebogon WI, bunch of stations in MA, couple of stations in Vermont and New Hampshire and other locations throughout the US.  Sorry, no international viewers yet.

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